Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Rituals of Play


As a society we have all kinds of celebrations and rituals associated with significant events.  The Baby Shower qualifies as such an event.  Women gather to celebrate motherhood and the cycle of life by eating, playing games an showering the mother to be with gifts. 
It had been a long time since I had been to a baby shower.  Alyce is my BFF that lives across the street and her first grandbaby will be here April 7th.  I picked that date because I am intuitive and I just know these things.  Anyway, three months ago Alyce, Julie, Whit and myself started planning this ancient ritual.  It has been years since I have attended a baby shower let alone helped plan one.

Step One:  Select a theme.  Sounds easy uh?  Tis not an easy task because of all the options.  After  6 cups of coffee and 8 cookies Alyce finally decided on “farm animals”.

Step Two:  Purchase invitations and invite your guest.  Well, it seems we picked a theme that is “out”.  If we had picked safari animals we would have been in like flint.  Cows, horses, pigs and chickens were no where to be found.  Because I am “the creative one” we decided we could design and make our own invitations.  Through laugher, cookies and coffee we created one hell of a baby shower invitation.

Step Three:  Design a diaper cake.  I had never seen one of these contraptions.  But Alyce had a picture so how hard could it be?  Imagine 305 diapers, 6 stuffed animals, a barn yard, baby toys, cookies, ribbon, rubber bands and several cups of coffee all piled on my dinning room table.  Yea, it was hysterical.  

Step Four:  Plan the menu.  We had good old fashion farm food.  Pulled Pork sliders, potato salad, slaw, pigs in a blanket, pea salad, fruit, cup cakes, cookies, brownies and candy. 

Step Five:  Set it all up and hope people show up.  Well, everyone did show up.  25 women laughed, ate, played, socialized and showered the mother to be and the baby with lots of baby loot.

The ritual of a baby shower is a time of joy, love and hope.  But it was the gift of friendship, laughter, creativity and coffee that was the quinn essential of healing play.