Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Change Could Do You Good

If you have been to my web site ( then you know I like cool and fun images of frogs.  In fact, I really LOVE the foggy above!  A frog in a suit doing yoga…it just make me smile.  But behind the festive frog images is a very serious business.  The business of change.  Mr. Froggy goes from a tadpole who swims in the water to a frog who hops on land.  That is a major metamorphism and I just bet it is a tad (pun intended) bit painful.  That’s why I like the image of the frog.  The change process may be painful but necessary in order for the tadpole to live it’s designed purpose.

Change usually includes some sort of transformation.  It can be a big or small transformation.  It can be painful but necessary.  Change is hard.  Don’t believe me"?  Ok, for the next week brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand.  Take a moment and scan your thoughts about how you would feel using the other hand.  I just bet your mind is already questioning why you would want to do this.  During the week count how many times you have to remind yourself to brush your teeth with the other hand.  Bushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand will be uncomfortable.  Why?  Because we are creatures of habit.  Our habits have served us in the past so why change now?  Because sometimes we NEED to change.  Especially non-serving habits like smoking, over eating, passive aggressive behavior, not exercising, not living to your potential, letting go of a unhealthily relationship, not feeling our Joy and the list goes on….

All change starts in the brain.  If you think it then you can do it.  One of the biggest changes in my life was quitting smoking.  I did not want to quit smoking because I knew it would be painful.  And oh boy was I right.  My whole body went numb for a month as it went through detox.  I also had to change my breathing, what to do with my hands, when I drank coffee, my friends, etc….  But the biggest change was my thoughts.  The minute I believed that I could be a joyful non-smoker the change came and eight years later as the Healing Play Coach I help others quit smoking.  Yep, you can puff away as long as you keep your play dates and do your Affirmation Homework ;)  The metamorphism will come out to play.

So, what do you need to change?  What change would you like to see in your life?  Job?  Relationship?  Home?  Health?  The first step is to try out this thought:  I feel the joy of __________________. 

Fill in the blank with:
Being a Non-Smoker
Eating Healthy
Going back to School
Finding a New Partner
Planting a Flower Garden
Washing Dishes
You get the idea.  Oh, and when you think your new “I feel the joy” thought you may feel ridicules, weird, rebellious or uncomfortable.  That is how you know you are on the right track.

Play Well!