Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Play Date at the Park

You know, Play Dates aren't just for the kiddies.  I am in my 40's and I have play dates with my playmates.  If you missed it we are in 2013....a new year and the biggest new year resolution is to get into shape.  For those of you who know me I despise exercise.  BUT I do like playful outings.  So I double dog dare you (yes, double dog) to call up a playmate and set a play date for the PARK.  Yep, parks are wonderful places to spend a play date.  You can walk around the park, swing on swings, climb the jungle gym and push each other on the merry go round.  The bottom line is that you will have way more fun than a gym, get lots of exercise AND really connect with a friend.  If you think I am crazy and find this embarrassing then invite little people to tag along. Of course, they will think it is all about them.  So What?

Play Well,