Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Healing Play with Hearts



Valentine’s day is just around the corner and so why not have some fun and feel the love?  Ok, so here is what you will need:  At least two bags of Dove chocolates (that’s one bag for you and one bag to share) and Valentine day cards.  Now, if you are crafty and have the time then you can make your own OR you can purchase a box.  I like the ones that are made for children because they remind me of my own childhood. Ok, you have candy and cards so now it is time to make a list of those you would like to share with.  You can include neighbors, work mates, loved ones, church members….whoever you want. 

Select a Valentine and write something personal and special on the card but do not sign the card.  Put the card and the candy in the envelope and write the receiver's name on the envelope.  Deliver the card in a fun and playful way.  I like to leave them on desk, slide them under doors, hang them from door knobs and attach them to wind shield wipers.  Be festive and creative!

People that you know and love will receive a playful Valentine card from you BUT they won’t know who gave it to them.  Sometimes it is nice to do something without receiving credit.  It is a wee taste of freedom.  Just an act of kindness thrown out into the world.  That’s healing play!

Play Well,