Friday, October 3, 2014

Micro Movements of Change

If you take a moment and look around you will notice that autumn has been busy.  What was once green and brightly colored has now tuned shades of yellow, orange and brown.  It might seem as if this change happened over night….but it didn’t.  Change doesn’t work that way.

Clients hire me to help them change.  Maybe they want to change careers, partners, weight, bad habits….but change is what they seek.  AND they want that change now.  But that is not how change works.  Just like the leaves of autumn…meaningful change happens with constant small micro movements.
Did you notice the word meaningful?  Yep.  There are some things you can change very quickly.  For example, your hair color, the television channel or your clothes.  Sometimes these little changes can have meaning but I am talking about BIG change.  Big change comes one small step at a time.  Let’s look at weight loss as an example.

I have clients who want to lose weight.  Some of them want to lose a lot of weight….fast.  These are the clients looking for the magic pill or eat cabbage soup for two weeks.  The truth is there is nothing wrong with that.  What happens is that they want to bypass the process of change and so the magic pill or the cabbage soup becomes a disappointment.  I tell clients it took days, weeks, months and even years to gain weight.  Well, you guessed it… it takes days, weeks, months and even years to lose the weight.

The first step for change is not eating less.  The first step is becoming aware of your thoughts around food.  This is a crucial step.  What is eating you?  Why do you want to lose weight?  How does it benefit you?  What does healthy food look like?  How can you make it work in your life?

The second step for change is a doable plan that uses constant small micro movement that inches you forward towards your goal.  Very few people can overhaul a life time of bad eating habits and lack of exercise overnight and start losing 10 pounds a week.  And those that do usually gain it right back within a year….along with a few new found pounds. 

The first micro movement in the plan is to breathe.  I know that might sound wacky but I have clients that really did not breathe until they started working with me.  Deep breathes that fill our bodies with oxygen are needed.  When we breathe we connect to our bodies.

The second micro movement is to purchase or make a journal.  I love journaling.  I teach my clients a special way to journal that feels freeing and light….even to those who don’t like to journal.  The journal is your written testament of your changing body.

The third micro movement might be to LOOK at the different fresh vegetables at the supermarket.  That’s right…just window shop.

It is in these tiny micro movements that change begins to happen.  This kind of change is a life skill that will last a life time.  Once you go through the process you will change from the inside out….just like the leaves of autumn.