Monday, November 3, 2014

Mind Maps

One of my very favorite tools to use in my coaching practice is MIND MAPS.  I love them!  A mind map can help a client visualize where they need to go and how to get there.  A mind map is a diagram that visually organizes thoughts.  A goal or concept is placed in the middle of the page and words or images are added around the original concept.

Anyone can create a mind map.  You can draw your own and use images from magazines or you can use mind mapping software to create a mind map.  Two of my favorite mind mapping software programs are Popplet and iThoughts.

So, why in the world would one want to create a mind map?  Mind maps tap into our visual and creative side.  All too often plans are written with just words.  Because mind maps use words and creativity they open us to new connections and thoughts.  I like use mind maps for clients who are working on a goal.  I ask them to write the goal in the middle of the page.  For example, A New Job.  Then I ask them to write every idea or image that pops into their head.  Before long we have a mind map!  From there together we figure out what “lights up” for the client and we create action steps.  It really is a wonderful tool that can help you get on track.  

So, if you have never tired mind mapping give it a try the next time you have a project.

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