Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Art and Life Coaching

Art Work by Sooz Weissberg

I like using art in my life coaching practice.  Using color, words, and images can help clients facilitate self-discovery and move forward in their goals.  I often hear “I’m not an artist”, “I can’t write”, “I’m not creative” and while I can acknowledge those inner thoughts I know that everyone is an artist, can write and is creative.  We all drew like crazy when we were younger….it’s when we older and learn about judgement that we forget what is deep inside of us.  Doing these art coaching activities is just for your exploration and there is no judgement!
We can communicate deeper with ourselves and others through images and color.  A picture really is worth a thousand words!  We live in color.  Marketing professionals understand the language of color and use it to sell you stuff.  If someone says “Jane is a little green around the ears” most of us understand that they are still growing or she is going to throw up.  Ha! 

Here is a very basic list of colors and what they mean.

BLACK  The absence of all color; represents sophistication, mourning, evil, anger, and strength.
BLUE  Represents calm, peace, quiet, truth, wisdom, loyalty, and the spirit.

RED  Represents physical energy, mischief, love, passion, valor, fire, and wrath.
GREEN  Represents healing, learning, growth, life, hope, and brilliance.

ORANGE  Represents energy, endurance, and physical strength.
PURPLE  Represents royalty the inner royalty of each of us and the outer royalty of the divine.

YELLOW  Represents the mind, joy, purity, clarity, and happiness.

I ask clients to keep a coaching journal as they go through the process of creating their plans.  But these coaching journals are not just written words.  To add deeper meaning and connection I ask them to add color and images.  For example, if your goal is to eat healthy foods then an image of fresh fruits, vegetables and the color green can help you connect to your goal.
Goal posters are also a powerful tool in connecting with your goal.  It is a simple project where the client selects images, words, and colors that connect them to their goal and then create a collage on a poster board.  This is a very powerful exercise because it helps the client envision what it is they want.

Another poster is the road block poster.  It’s important to create awareness of what is keeping your form obtaining your goals.  Common road blocks include TV, the internet, Facebook and other social networks, and playing internet games.  These activities are not “bad” but they can steal your time and sabotage your goals.

Another tool that I developed that create self-awareness is Kaleido Journaling.  This type of journal is very much like the coaching journal; however, it works with different issues outside of your coaching goals.  By the way, you can get you free Kaleido Journal by signing up for my mailing list.
Other art projects that I use in life coaching to help clients have insights include:  worry dolls, mask, altered books, dream boards, permission slips, ordinary day, self-portraits, gratitude spiral, mantra art, and the body compass. You can see examples of this work in the Creative Play Art Gallery.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Creative Capers

Would you like to get focused on your creative work?  Maybe you want to write a story or a blog?  Paint the moon?  Sing a song?  Bead a necklace?  Quilt like grandma?  Capture a snip on film?  Something else? 

Here’s a harebrained idea!  Join me for a Creative Caper!  This four week play group helps women play with their creative passions.  In our weekly Capers we will become more aware and explore common creative roadblocks like fear, perfectionism, feeling overwhelmed, not being good enough and habits that keep us from our creative passions.  Shenanigans will include playful but powerful coaching tools, aromatherapy ideas and music to help keep us in the creative flow.

This group includes a super-secret Facebook Club house that is open 24 hours a day and one conference call.  Play Group Starts July 13th

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Do You Feng Shui?

I know it might be hard to believe but our physical environments are very important to our overall health, wellbeing and happiness.  AND it just so happens there is this cool and ancient system pronounced fung shway that can help us create beautiful environments and positive energy. 
Feng Shui is a gift from the Chinese and is the ancient art of how to place our stuff in our environments.  This placement produces good mojo.  You want good mojo right?  So, stop reading and look up and survey your environment.  Does it have good mojo or flow?  Or does is frighten and confuse you?  If it is the later of the two I have some great tips for you.

At the core of Feng Shui is a clean and clutter free space.  Every part of your environment is clean and clutter free; this includes closets, drawers, cabinets, nooks and crannies.  If you live and work in clean and clutter free spaces you are on your way to being a Feng Shui superstar.  If your spaces need a little help then you might want to consider these three steps.
  1. Clean your spaces or if you can afford the buck-a-roos hire someone to do it for you.
  2. Get rid of stuff.  If it is broken toss it.  If you don’t love it then donate it or have a yard sale. 
  3. Repair items.  If your sofa has a tear then repair it or if your stove isn’t working have it fixed.
Ok, I know within those the three steps above there are a bunch of little steps.  If you need help clearing and letting go then you might want to hire a life coach.  I know a really good life coach! 

Feng Shui is really complex but some of the main concepts are a snap.   Let fresh air into your space.  Sounds simple but when is the last time you opened a window to let in fresh air?  Before you open that window, clean it and let the outside flow inside. 

Feng Shui loves water fountains.  Table top fountains are fun for both work and home.  Feng Shui also likes wind chimes and crystals.  Be careful with the crystals.  I had no idea that a crystal in a sunny window could start a fire.  Fill your space with happy photos and personal items that you LOVE.  You will feel lighter and happier too.

In addition to creating a life-giving, clean and clutter free environment Feng Shui focuses on eight major areas of life:
  1. Wealth and Prosperity
  2. Fame and Reputation
  3. Relationships
  4. Family and Health
  5. Creativity and Children
  6. Self Development
  7. Career
  8. Helpful people and Travel
The Feng Shui map is a guideline on how to use color and objects in each area.  The bottom of the map represents the entrance to your space and then divides the space into eight equal parts.  Just follow the map and start using Feng Shui in your spaces.  You will be amazed how much better you feel!

I am a certified life coach and creativity coach.  My mission in life is to empower women to make sustainable change by re-connecting to their creativity, playfulness and intuition so that they can reach their goals and live MORE happy, joyful and meaningful lives.  Visit my website at www.kimbalivesay.com

Monday, March 16, 2015

Kaleido Journaling Play Group

A Kaleido Journaling Page

I blend life coaching, creativity, art, positive psychology and play for personal and professional growth.  I call this magical mix, The Creative Play Way.  I offer 1-1 coaching and I offer group coaching.  I call my group coaching programs Play Groups.  

Online Creative Play Groups are big fun!  Groups are a magical mix of coaching, mentoring, learning, artful journaling and playmates.  Creative Play Groups are designed to help women connect to their creative spirit, playfulness and intuition to cultivate meaningful change and purpose.

The next play group I am offering is Kaleido Journaling:  The Colors of you.  Kaleido Journaling is a journaling technique I developed to help women process what they need to manifest in their lives.  What I like about this technique is that you don’t need to be an artist or writer to create a Kaleido Page.  Kaleido Pages consist of color, words, symbols, images, stickers, tape, stamps….whatever suits your fancy. 

In the Kaleido Journaling Play Group we work on cultivating our inner colors and we will do this by creating Kaleido Pages.  The Play Group last for 4 weeks and for each week we will have a theme.
  • Process verses Product (there is joy in the process)
  • Cultivating Happiness
  • Cultivating Spirituality
  • Cultivating Self-Care
The goal is to create 6 Kaleido Pages a week.  Sunday is our day of reflections, observations and awareness.

To accommodate busy schedules we will meet online at a secret club house.  In our club house we will share our pages, discuss the themes, answer questions, open to the possibilities and make new friends. 

The Play Group fee for all four weeks and the Kaleido Journaling e-book is $50.  The next play group starts March 30, 2015!  So, don’t wait sign up today!