Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Kaleido Journaing on Udemy

Journaling has many benefits including self-discovery, releasing emotions, healing, exploring the past, stress reduction, improved cognitive functioning, boosting the immune system and decreasing depression.   A personal journal is a daily written record of experiences and reflections.  In 2007, I created the Kaleido Journaling Program.   This creativity coaching program is based on the idea of a traditional journal, but the participants create weekly Kaleido pages instead of daily journal pages.  So what is a Kaleido page?  The word Kaleido comes from the Greek words Kalos and Eido which means beautiful pattern.  So, a Kaleido page is a beautiful pattern that reflects one’s life experience.  Pages are created using words, colors, drawings, stickers, pictures and objects that communicate thoughts, feelings and ideas. 
When I describe Kaleido Journaling people often suggest that it is a scrapbook but the process is more than scrapbooking.  Prompts are given to the participants so that no one gets “stuck” in the process.  Participants are encouraged to use their creativity.  There is no right or wrong way to create a Kaleido page.  Participants are encouraged to use “secret” symbols through color and pictures that express their ideas and experiences.  This allows people to be open and honest with their journaling experience, with the fear of someone reading their journal.  All is hidden in plain sight.  Kaleido Journaling engages both hemispheres of the brain, the physical movement of creating, and the art of expressing spirit allows for an integrated experience of the mind, body and spirit. 

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